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I contracted Rollin for a LabVIEW based human interface for a FANUC robot. Truly impressed with what Rollin delivered! There were some unique challenges associate with a load cell on the robot. I wasn’t sure if Rollin would be able to find the answers he needed to complete the project. But, Rollin found a way to get the answers we needed and he delivered a seamless, user friendly, and intuitive interface for our FANUC robot. Rollin has a great work ethic. You can count on him to show up and get the work done. Enjoyed working with Rollin on this project and would highly recommend Rollin for any of your LabVIEW needs.
— Jason - Employed at a large corporation in Minneapolis.



FANUC ROBOT CONTROL: Integrated a Fanuc Robot into client’s workflow, so that it became very easy to perform complex test operations, with only a minimum of training required. Tools used: LabVIEW.

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MRI MAGNET CONTROL: Worked on a team of engineers from Test System Solutions and GE Healthcare, where I developed LabVIEW instrument drivers for test cell instrumentation, and LabVIEW applications that automated the Ramp-Up, Parking and Ramp-Down processes of large MRI magnets.


SMART MACHINE AUTOMATION: Successfully delivered a large project to a client, where I designed, implemented, and released control software in LabVIEW, for a multi-test socket manufacturing tester, featuring Batch or asynchronous parallel sequence execution, Actor-oriented architecture, featuring asynchronous test panels and many background processes, Background execution of real-time data acquisition, motion control, instrument communication, and complex state machines, and test results saved to client's corporate database.


ASIC CHARACTERIZATION: Worked on a team of engineers at Starkey through EXB Solutions, where I wrote LabVIEW and TestStand code to automate the characterization of an ASIC chip.

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Systems Integration

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Systems Integration is putting together two or more pieces “Systems” and making them work as one “Integration”.

Example One:
CHALLENGE: You make custom machines for your clients. Your machine has motors, pumps, a heater, a cooler, temperature sensors, a pressure sensor, and more… You need something to tie all this together.
SOLUTION: We create a software application that will control all these pieces according to your desired process, and present the end user with a clean user interface, so that is easy to learn how to use 😎!

Example Two:
PROBLEM: You have a complex machine that requires a lot of button presses, menu navigation, has a tiny screen and operators routinely get confused or the machine get’s stuck because of incorrect user behavior. Your engineer or lead technician is regularly interrupted and has to go help the operator.
SOLUTION: We create a software application that will control your machine, that does all the configuration in the background for your, and all your operator has to do is select a recipe from a list on the screen and press the “Go” button. Easy! 😀 👍. This is Systems Integration: It saves you money 💵 , and increases your throughput.

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