People succeed because they go ahead and try

You must try - Rollin McCarty, Inc. .png

Attached above is a worthy quote I found in the book "Spare Room Tycoon" I'm reading, by James Chan. Personally, I indeed find that starting a (new) task is often the most scary/unpleasant part. But after I force myself to get going, I gain momentum and things start to fall into place and I eventually succeed, with God's help. e.g. a non-business illustration of this principle would be when I just started working, I always wanted to paraglide, so I purchased lessons, and one day ... I 'jumped' off a cliff ... and I safely flew solo 2,100 feet down the mountain to the landing zone. It took a dream, some financial and training effort, and it did require some bravery in the air :-)

What scary thing did you succeed because you just went ahead and tried?