* One Step at a Time * Seriously, it's important

One Step at a Time

Complex problems can be overwhelming to solve. In my line of work, I am exposed to different hardware, technologies and challenges in every new project. I found the following workflow to work well for me:

One Step at a Time

Someone said to eat an elephant, you need eat it one bite at a time.

For example, a complex project can be broken down into phases:

1. Discovery Phase

2. Feature set One

3. Feature set Two


The key: Do not provide an estimate for Phase 2 and 3 before you have completed Phase 1: What sense does it make to estimate phases 2 and 3 when everything can change in phase 1 ? People that try to estimate everything even before work starts are doing themselves and others a great disservice: They run the risk of over-estimating ( = the project won't get approved although it was necessary) or under-estimating ( = they will lose their job). It is much easier, cheaper, more successful and less stressful to estimate as you go, at the end of every phase. In a sense, one is displaying arrogance or foolishness to claim to know all the unknowns.

Agile projects are broken down into short sprints, which are then broken down further into a sequence of simple tasks.

A complex test automation system can be broken down into frameworks, TestStand sequences and LabVIEW SubVIs.

The opposite that doesn’t work : Trying to do it all in one phase, in one sequence, in one VI.

NIWEEK 2019 Austin TX Day 3 Final Keynote: Captain Scott Kelly

Captain Scott Kelly NI Week 2019 Motivational Speech

NIWEEK 2019’s Final Keynote with Captain Scott Kelly was nothing short of Outstanding! It was funny, well delivered, and a very inspiring motivational speech. It was really something. As a summary, I provided the notes I took on my phone while I was in attendance.

As a side note, all the keynotes videos can be viewed here, but this particular one has not been published, maybe for copyright reasons.

Captain Scott Kelly NI Week 2019 Speach.jpeg

#niweek 2019: Austin TX: Day 1: Trade show Floor

NIWEEK 2019 Tradeshow Floor

#niweek 2019: Austin TX: Day 1: Early evening 5:30 PM, after a full day of training sessions: Started going through the exhibition hall, meeting vendors one-by-one and learning about the special products or service they provide. Very interesting! I do that so that when I have a client that has a specific need (e.g. need an ultra-reliable custom power supply) I know where to source it from.#labview

There are so many vendors that I wasn’t able to meet and speak with them all, although I made it a point to do so every day after the afternoon sessions from 5 to 6 PM. Next time I will have to visit during the lunch break as well.

Rollin McCarty Earned the Certified TestStand Architect Credential

NI TestStand is a must when it comes to running manufacturing tests and keeping track of test results in a professional way. Because the NI TestStand framework can do so much, because it is so scalable and extensible, some training is required in order to be aware of all it can do, and know how to modify it to specifically meet a project’s needs. As a Certified TestStand Architect, Rollin McCarty has demonstrated knowledge of the framework. Hiring a certified professional is a must, because it shows the individual is serious about their trade, and is committed to getting client projects done efficiently and correctly. To have Rollin McCarty to come and implement TestStand technology and your company, call now: (952) 465-6173

Details: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/10649

Verify Credential: https://www.youracclaim.com/badges/1b081ce2-a360-48be-a8b1-c0e1b28224bf/public_url

The NI Week Test Automation Conference is coming up soon: May 20-23, 2019, Austin TX

1. Why I Like to Attend NI Week2.png

NI Week is a Test, Measurement and Automation trade show hosted by National Instruments.

National Instruments makes data acquisition and control hardware that is differentiated by its ability to be programmed using its flagship software LabVIEW.

LabVIEW is a programming language that is particularly well suited for multithreaded execution and is designed to interface with the industrial world. Using NI hardware in combination with LabVIEW enables a trained programmer to create professional Test, Measurement, Data Acquisition and Control applications for a wide variety of fields.

NI Week is held at the Austin Convention Center ( https://www.austinconventioncenter.com ). In the mornings a grand keynote presentation is held up on stage. Content is displayed on giant screens. In the afternoon the attendees break up and attend 50 minute training sessions of their choice.

Who may benefit from attending NI Week?

• Managers, Engineers, and Technicians that work in R&D or Manufacturing Test.

• People that may not have heard of LabVIEW but are interested in learning more about what it can do for them.

• People that use LabVIEW and want to get better.

Learn more : http://niweek.ni.com/events/niweek-2019/event-summary-d97121d09fd640009495a009a677af56.aspx

People succeed because they go ahead and try

You must try - Rollin McCarty, Inc. .png

Attached above is a worthy quote I found in the book "Spare Room Tycoon" I'm reading, by James Chan. Personally, I indeed find that starting a (new) task is often the most scary/unpleasant part. But after I force myself to get going, I gain momentum and things start to fall into place and I eventually succeed, with God's help. e.g. a non-business illustration of this principle would be when I just started working, I always wanted to paraglide, so I purchased lessons, and one day ... I 'jumped' off a cliff ... and I safely flew solo 2,100 feet down the mountain to the landing zone. It took a dream, some financial and training effort, and it did require some bravery in the air :-)

What scary thing did you succeed because you just went ahead and tried?

Successfully Completed Another Test Automation Project


I was blessed of being given the opportunity to work on another test automation project, and I am proud of recently completing it. To read the great recommendation my client gave me, navigate to my LinkedIn page by clicking on the link below, then scroll down towards the bottom and stop at section “Recommendations : Received”: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rollinmccarty/

Serving the Minneapolis St. Paul Metropolitan Area

Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis

Rollin McCarty, Inc. is a consulting business that serves customers that work in the R&D and Manufacturing fields, located in the Minneapolis St. Paul metropolitan area. Rollin McCarty, Inc goes onsite and creates custom automated test applications in LabVIEW or TestStand, that integrate your actuators, instruments and business systems, so that you achieve your testing goals.